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Silver Lake Films

We are a Pittsburgh-based production organization who strives to tell real stories.

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About Silver Lake Films

The former Silver Lake was located to the East of Pittsburgh. Originally a gathering place for Native Americans, the water that sustained people in the region would later be known as the Negley Run watershed. As the years went by, inhabitants used its shores for industry and innovation. A large bridge was built over Silver Lake, at the time the longest concrete span in the world. Unfortunately, Silver Lake became so noxious with waste that it could no longer sustain life. The city decided to cover the lake with a roadway. Business still continued in the area, most notably the Silver Lake Drive-in theater in the 1950's. Nestled between the viaducts, patrons recall straining to hear a film over the whistle of passing trains. When it rains, Washington Boulevard floods - a reminder of Silver Lake's gloried and troubled past.

At Silver Lake Films, we are inspired by the stories of our past and the people who are working for a more beautiful and promising future.

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